Advanced Classes

Enroll your child in our 4 month Advanced Cooking program which includes 16 two-hour classes for graduates of the Back to Basics or Camp Cook and Glow.  Children discover different dietary theories and compete in friendly ‘Chopped’-like competitions.  This course was developed for children to practice cooking with real food.  Mainly organic, whole foods are used as ingredients in recipes that the entire family can enjoy. Students continue to practice and perfect knife skills, baking, exploring flavor profiles, and how to make healthy alternatives to their favorite fast foods.


A whole new level

Advanced Beta Cooking (ABC) students have already taken our either our eight-hour core class, or participated at in at least one full week of Camp Cook and Glow as a prerequisite. Our ABC students are expected to fully participate in a TEAM ENVIRONMENT regarding all preparation and even help instructors with menu planning. New cooking methods and terminology are introduced as our young chefs learn how to prepare more challenging recipes.   



tools, Equipment, and appliances - Oh my!

Many of the students in our Advanced (ABC) Classes are more experienced in the kitchen and some are ready to help operate various kitchen appliances and equipment. With this in mind, safety is extremely important to us at Palmetto Kids Cooking. Kids from ages six on up to sixteen are instructed on how to properly and safely use ovens, mixers, food processors, blenders, and other common appliances with close instructor supervision. Instructors encourage safe transfer techniques for sharp objects and teach students how to organize their "workspace" to reduce accidents.



Food Safety

Does your young chef dream of owning a restaurant or bakery? Many of our students tell us how much they love following their favorite chefs on various media, but many of the shows they watch never go into one of the biggest responsibilities as an actual chef - FOOD SAFETY. Some of the things our students in our Advanced Classes learn about are proper food temperatures, food allergens, and cross contamination. 


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