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Is there an opportunity for you at Palmetto Kids Cooking?

Every day we meet loads of people with a passion for making the Next Generation Strong. We thoroughly enjoy having conversations with like minded people about the health and well-being of children. If you believe with all of your heart that you are one of these individuals, we want to hear what you have to say and would love to get together and share ideas. We have always said that we teach nutrition and wellness to families by giving them the skills necessary to cook real food, with real ingredients, right in their own kitchens at home.




How Do You Get Started?

Simply click on the "Cook. Teach. Repeat." image, or the link below, to be taken to the Healthy Hands Cooking website. It's up to you to decide if you want to start a rewarding and fun career as a Certified Instructor or a Certified Helper. You can start working part-time and work your way up to making it your own full-time business with a staff of HHC Helpers to assist in teaching your classes.


Healthy Hands Cooking is a 24/7, patent-pending cooking instructor certification program that you complete at your own pace, from the comfort of your home computer. Our instructors are passionate moms, dads, teachers, nutrition grads, entrepreneurs, wellness advocates and more.

This 11 module course will lay a solid foundation for setting up your own cooking business including proper licensing, permits, background checks, food safety, marketing and more.

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Questions or Concerns?

Fill out the form to get answers and learn how to become part of our team of Healthy Hands Cooking Instructors and Helpers. All instructors must be able to pass a background check and complete Darkness to Light Coursework prior to working with Palmetto Kids Cooking.